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The rules of use set out the conduct expected from Internet users communicating with the Corporation de Développement communautaire du Haut-Saint-Laurent (CDCHSL) on social media.

The CDCHSL is present on FacebookYouTube and LinkedIn to ensure interactive communication with the population of Haut-Saint-Laurent and facilitate information sharing.


We encourage Internet users to be respectful and use appropriate language at all times. Any inappropriate or disrespectful comments will be removed. Inappropriate comments may be content that:

  • is defamatory, vulgar, sexist, racist, xenophobic or discriminatory;
  • constitutes hate speech targeting a person or an organization;
  • is repetitive or irrelevant;
  • is political in nature;
  • constitutes advertising or is promotional or commercial in nature;
  • breaks Québec or Canadian regulations or laws;
  • appears in all capital letters;
  • contains personal information;
  • includes a link to a site considered inappropriate.

Response time

We read all comments posted but do not respond to all of them. Comments requiring a response will generally receive a reply within a reasonable time during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Referrals to other websites

Links may be shared only if their content is both relevant and adds to the discussion. We are not responsible for information on these external sites.


Do not post your or someone else’s personal information on the ’s social media accounts. While a private discussion with a member of our team is possible through the Messenger private message function, we recommend that you refrain from sending confidential information in this way.

Requests not handled on social media

The CDCHSL does not handle any personal requests or effect any transactions on social media. If you wish to contact us for either of these reasons, please visit the Contact us page on our website.


The CDCHSL is not responsible for the content posted on its social media accounts. We therefore ask that you report, via the Messenger private message function, any inappropriate comments you may see.

Changes to the rules of use

Social media evolve very rapidly. Accordingly, the rules of use may be changed at any time without notice.

By visiting and interacting on our social media accounts, you agree to all of the above conditions and undertake to comply with them. These rules of conduct are in addition to those established by Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.