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New CDC hire to address housing rights

Days before the July 1 moving day in Quebec, the Corporation de développement communautaire du Haut-Saint-Laurent has announced the hiring of Yanick Huet as a community development agent.

In collaboration with the Habitations des Tisserandes, a non-profit social housing organization in Huntingdon, he will be responsible for protecting the right to housing through the acquisition of property. The goal in transferring ownership from the private to the non-profit sector is to spare a part of the population from the negative impacts of a speculative real estate bubble. Huet has sat on the board of directors for the Habitations des Tisserandes, and has close ties with local housing advocates and the ability to create meaningful partnerships.

“Having worked as the director for the Association pour la défense des droits sociaux (ADDS), I take tenants’ rights to heart,” says Huet. “The right to housing is not just about having a place to sleep, but also about living in dignity,” he adds, pointing out that housing is a fundamental right. “The high cost of construction and inflation will continue to have an impact on already unaffordable rents. It is crucial that we take concrete action now.”

Huet holds a certificate in cybersecurity and a DEC in computer technology. He has devoted 15 years of his professional life to the community and is sensitive to the issues facing the population’s most vulnerable. For the CDC, his experience represents a considerable asset, especially given the urgent need to protect the right to affordable housing in the Haut-Saint-Laurent.