Updates on Services offered by NPOs in Haut-Saint-Laurent

COVID-19: Services offered by non profit organisms in Haut-Saint-Laurent


Justice Alternative du Suroît

The organization supervises young offenders who will serve their sentences in the community. As so, parents who need an attentive ear, advise and tricks for their teenager in case of an offense can call them to receive support. If needed, they will be redirected to other resources available.

To call Justice Alternative du Suroît 1-450-377-1333

Via l'Anse

As violence is never a good way to live both parenting and couple relationships, Via l'Anse helps people who tend to be violent to change their habit. You only need to leave a message to get an appointment  by phone. The first 2 to 5 orientation calls are done rapidly, and followed up with either group or individual followups. An intervenant is in Huntingdon 2 days per week. You can simply call to get an appointment.

To call Via L'Anse 1-450-370-3200

Residence-Elle du Haut-Saint-Laurent

For victims of domestic violence, because it is not forbidden to leave when the threat is at home. The organization offers support over the phone and video-conference; and can help you to protect yourself. A 24/7 help line is available for emergencies and questions. An intervenant is there to offer an attentive ear, advises and support in taking steps. Support can be done by phone, email or in person and can help you protect yourself.

To call Résidence-Elle 1-450-264-2999


ADDS offers support to low income families and individuals in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, discussing difficult situations in order to find solutions and answers, or referring for further assistance may need be. All services are back but the organization invites members to make an appointment in order to limit the number of person at the same time inside. The C.A.R.L. Committee (Comite d'accessibilite aux ressources en logement) aims to improve the affordable housing available in the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC.

To call ADDS 1-450-264-6888

Les Habitations des Tisserandes

During pandemic, the NPO keeps on providing social housing to people in the middle of a crisis in order to help them stabilise their situation and improve their life condition. People going through psychological distress can find an attentive ear that are intervenant actually working 3 days a week at the residences to accompany them through rehabilitation. There are 27 social housing of all sizes, (from 3 to 6 rooms condos) for people in difficulties (other than economical) that are refered by local CLSC or other organizations. This is not an emergency housing option: there are interviews and a wait list if there are no unit available.

To call les Habitations des Tisserandes 1-450-957-8557


Ancre et Ailes

For people struggling with past or actual psychic illness or emotional distress, Ancre et Ailes offers occasions to benefit from mutual aid and counter social isolation. It provides a welcoming environment where participants could break down the isolation by increasing their sense of belonging within the group. Workshops, discussion groups, Coffee-Chats are organized on subjects such as anxiety, well-being, equilibrium. Tons of activities are held face-to-face. In terms of psychological distress, the organization made courtesy calls during the pandemic when everything was close. Each workshop can be joined without prerequisite workshop. Yearly membership is 10$ for a programmation that goes from art therapy to musical therapy. As a matter of fact, Ancre et Ailes would love to reach a young crowd as well to gather different generations in Frenghlish activities. Transportation services and community meals are offered with safety measures recommended. As there is a maximum of 6 participants, people have to book an appointment and no walk-in is accepted.

To call Ancre et Ailes 1-450-829-3491

Le Pont du Suroît

Supports the friends and family of people with mental illness, by telephone or videoconference on appointment only, according to the regular schedule from Monday through Friday, between 8AM and noon, and between 1PM and 4PM. The whole team collaborates to the French discussion group called «Toujours là malgré tout! » has been created to gather people who cope with relatives mental illness in order to share help and advise. It is not an emergency service and it is solely offered to actual clients of theirs, just like "Les Causeries du Mardi avec Fanny" that are offered on Tuesdays on Zoom between 9AM and 10AM.

May you need help, please dial  1 855 272-7837. If it's an emergency, dial 911. Anyone who needs a specific service will be redirected to their local association in order to offer dedicated support.

This Summer, Pont du Suroit will be closed on Fridays from June 25th to September 1st 2021.

To call le Pont du Suroît 1-450-377-3126


La Bouffe Additionnelle

Food service in the form of a grocery bags (a 2$ voluntary contribution) in Huntingdon. Purchases are made by appointment only. Please call ahead to make an appointment and place your order. Delivery services offered upon volunteer availability. Donations are welcomed both by checks or e-transfer. Please call the organization to agree upon the modalities for the money transfer.

Closed for vacations between July 24th and August 8th. 

Pour appeler La Bouffe Additionnelle 1-450-264-2241

Multi-Service Community Centre Un Coin Chez Nous

Meals-on-wheels services for people of all ages with a loss of autonomy, or families and underprivileged people in St-Chysostome. 5 different menus are prepared every week and orders are taken on the preceding week. Deliveries are done once a week, on Thursdays only. The delivery man will leave the bag on the porch, call the client so they can pay with exact money in an envelope. The 7$ meal includes soup, salad, main course and dessert) and are offered in the Haut-Saint-Laurent region. Order now for next week.  The thrift shop is opened.

To call Multi-service community centre Un Coin Chez Nous 1-450-826-4425

Moisson Sud-Ouest

As a food bank, Moisson Sud-Ouest provides the link between the providers and the community organizations that help people in situations of food insecurity. It organizes different fundraising activities right now as needs have more than doubled since COVID-19 crisis and call on everyone to donate money through their website, and on all restaurants with overstock for food donations.

To call Moisson Sud-Ouest 1-450-377-7696


Une Affaire de Famille

Une Affaire de Famille courtesy calls if needed while maintaining regular posts on Une Affaire de Famille's Facebook pages:  « Stimulation du langage », « Trucs & Astuces », « Parents Ressources » and Trombone Café. In January, many activities will be launched in both live and by Zoom. There will still be punctual daycare services offered in Ormstown, St-Anicet and Howick) as well as different services for both families and elders (homework support, theater workshops, etc.) Follow their Facebook page to learn more about future activities and services that will be offered to local families in Ormstown but also to the whole Haut-Saint-Laurent population.

Une Affaire de Famille takes care of Ormstown daycamp that is held at the Ormstown fair venues. However, the organization is on vacation until September 7th. To reach the day camp, please contact  Macha at (450) 567-3591 or Amélie au (450) 288-3749.

To call Une Affaire de Famille 1-450-829-3782

Le Centre de Ressources Familiales du Haut-Saint-Laurent

The Centre de Ressources Familiales lends equipment required for babies and toddlers like books (parenting books and books for kids) , toys (0-5 years old) and specialized material (for kids and adults with reference books for special needs) and equipment (such as car seats, stroller, high chair, baby carrier, playpen, etc.) between 8AM and 1PM from Monday through Thursday.  The Centre also provides assistance with baby products, feminine hygiene products (diapers, panties, baby pot, cereals, milk formula, sanitary napkins and tampons) and baby/kids clothing if needed. Family meetings in a park will be organized every week. For more information, go to the Facebook page facebook.com/crfhsl or call 450-264-4598.

The Centre will be open part-time during summer of 2021, between 8AM and 1PM from Monday to Thursday between the 21st of June and the 26th of August. It is going to be closed on June 24th, July 1st and from July 30th to August 22nd, 2021. 

To call Centre de Ressources Familiales 1-450-264-4598

Entraide pour Monoparentales et Familles Recomposées du Suroît

The organism holds online support groups for separated families (one for the parents and the other one for the kids between 6 and 12 years old) as well as online workshops for parents through break up, reconstitution or suffering from anxiety. First contact them by email info@entraidedusuroit.ca and they will call you back as soon as possible.

Open the whole summer 4 days a week, closed on Fridays. The toy library will be reopening in September.

To call l'Entraide pour Monoparentales et Familles Recomposées du Suroît 1-450-373-4047

La Maison des Jeunes de Huntingdon

All kinds of activities are organized online by la Maison des Jeunes. Activity boxes are dropped twice a month to allow teenagers to join activities that imply specific material or ingredients. Since the pandemic, teenagers don't even need to have a membership to join. Since September, the Maison des Jeunes Huntingdon organize activities for bubble classes at Arthur Pigeon High School. They also worked on a project called "Génération Engagée" (Commited Generation) that will organize activities gathering teenagers and elders with other NPOs such as Centre Communautaire un Coin Chez-Nous and Communic-Action Project. You can join them by Messenger on their Facebook page.

To call la Maison des Jeunes Huntingdon 1-450-322-6140

Espace Suroît

Espace Suroit's mission is to advise and refer adults aware by a kid's confidence who need to be oriented to face a violence issue in case of doubts. They published recently a series of Facebook videos on web security for kids. Espace Suroît keeps informing through their vivid Facebook Page. Although Espace Suroît's offices are close, the team works from home and you can contact them on the phone, by email or Messenger and they will call you back within the next 24 to 48 hours.

To call Espace Suroît 1-450-371-8096

Proches Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent

Services offered to care givers are psychosocial support over the phone or by zoom videoconference, friendship calls and monthly support groups through zoom. Limited spots are available for activities held in presence. To reach one of our professionals, leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

To call la Maison des Jeunes Huntingdon 1-450-826-1243

Communic-Action Project

This organism takes care of our elders in loss of autonomy at home. Although no visit is done to elders' home, elders that are lonely or worried for their health can ask for a weekly friendly calls. Upon volunteers availability, elders can get transportation to essential services also (such hair cuts). However, all medical transportation services are transferred to SABEC. You may leave a message and they will call you back as soon as they can.

To call Communic-Action Project 1-450-264-5197

Melissa's Sunshine Daycamp

Melissa's Sunshine Camp offers a Day Activity Service from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM. The service is offered to persons of 21 years old and plus, having an intellectual or physical deficiency and/or autism spectrum disorder. It also organizes a summer camp for 12-20 year olds with intellectual  deficiency or autism on week days between 8:30AM and 3:30PM for 6 weeks, starting on July 5th.

Melissa's Sunshine Daycamp will be closed between the 18th and the 31st of July 2021. 


To call Melissa's Sunshine Camp 1-450-264-6340

Le Zephyr

To people with intellectual disabilities or ASD, Zephyr continues to offer respit and babysitting to families with kids with intellectual disabilities or ASD aged from 13 to 21 years old. Services are offered to Beauharnois-Salaberry, Haut-Saint-Laurent and Vaudreuil-Soulanges residents. They also have a respit house in Vaudreuil-Dorion and another one in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield et will offer a day camp during summer as well as March Break. Send an email for more information : coordo@repitlezephyr.com.

To call Répit Le Zéphyr 1-450-371-6825 ext. 208



SCABRIC (Société de conservation et d'aménagement des bassins versants de la Zone Châteauguay) is a non profit organization that works together with various stakeholders to conserve, restore, protect and develop the Chateauguay Valley drainage basins. While teleworking, they published the Water Master Plan for the Chateauguay Valley rivers which they summarized in 7 different areas: contamination vulnerability, access to waterways, decline in biodiversity, groundwater level and availability, waste water, water and agriculture, erosion of water, flood and finally urban areas and water.  May you wish to reach them to become a volunteer for either scanning documents, planting trees or make a donation through your membership, you are invited to send an email to info@scabric.ca.



CRRC (Chateauguay River Rehabilitation Committee) has been distributing trees for 30 years but following the pandemic, only few trees could not get distributed through the usual network. All activities are suspended for now.


Les Amis de la Réserve nationale de Faune du Lac-St-François

Les Amis de la Réserve nationale de Faune du Lac-St-François (St-Francois's National Wildlife Reserve Friends) offers more than 10 km of hiking trails. With structured hiking trails, routes for birding enthusiasts and other outdoor activities, you can discover the ecosystems and different life forms living in swamps, forests, water and much more. Hiking, Rabaska and sea kayaking tours are rented or you can bring yours, but it has to be under reservation.

To call Friends of the ReserveC
send an email


Comite Culturel Barberivain

Lucie-Benoit Library still is open for contactless book pickup on appointment. To reserve a copy, you need to call the library (450) 371-2324 and a volunteer will tell you when to come and pick it up at the counter. Opening hours are from Tuesday between 2PM and 4PM as well as Saturday between 10AM and noon. Face covers are mandatory to pick up books. A support service for elders are still available for Sainte-Barbe's population. According to your needs, Mr. Billette will put you in contact with a volunteer. There is also a virtual cafe meetup on Friday mornings through Zoom videoconferencing. Again, elders must contact Mr. Billette to participate.

To call Mr. Alain Billette

The Little Green Library

A member needs to reserve its books before going to the library. Books will be prepared and you simply need to ring the bell at the Little Green Library to have them brought to you.  For now, they are open only on Tuesdays from 10AM to 1PM, on Thursdays from 2PM to 4:30PM, and on Saturdays from 10AM to 1PM. Computers are not accessible and you still cannot sit down to read in the library. Books must be returned only through the book chute, where they will be collected, sanitized, and quarantined for 72 hours. You are welcome to make suggestions to add to the collection.  Members have access to ebooks online and can reserve hardcopy books from the website www.pbv-lgl.org to pick them up during opening hours.  People who would like to become member can make their request in person, or ask for the form on the phone or by email. It's free for Residents, from Huntingdon, Dundee, Hinchinbrooke and Franklin.  For other municipalities, the cost is 20$ per family and 5$ for kids less than 15 years old.

Pour appeler La Petite Bibliothèque verte

Chateauguay Valley Literacy Council

The mission of the CVLC is to help individuals, families, and youth improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, numeracy and other life skills through programs adapted to their needs. As a charitable volunteer organization, the CVLC recruits and trains committed volunteers as tutors and support members. As all workshops and events are currently on hold, they develop presentations on subjects of interest in order to offer online workshops.

To call Chateauguay Valley Literacy Council

Huntingdon Learning Centre

Someone who wants to get back to school can do it anytime thanks to the Huntingdon Learning Centre. This organization will help to pass the equivalence test and offer French and English class in class (to be confirmed), and English as a second language in Zoom videoconference. Simply call as a first step.

To call Chateauguay Valley Literacy Council


Les Ateliers Cré-Actions du Suroît

Young women between 14 and 24 years old going through psychological distress or domestic violence, socialization or communication problematics can call Les Ateliers Cré-Actions du Suroît  to meet an experienced seamstress. While learning sewing skills, a helping ear is a great use. Masks and other hand made confections can be ordered online www.atelierboutiquecreactions.com  and picked up at their brick and mortar boutique on 103, du Marché Street, in Valleyfield.

To call les Ateliers Cré-Actions du Suroît 1-450-374-5821

Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon

Get a membership at the Sport-O-Tèque at La Friperie Communautaire du Haut-Saint-Laurent, and rent what you need to enjoy some outdoor activities such as: goalie gears, skates, ski boots, snowboard, snow shoes and crazy carpets to go down the slides! Make sure that what you need is available by sending an email, via Messenger or fill a form on their website.

Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon (thrift shop) manages an online store where you can order and have it ready for pick up or delivery (certain conditions apply). You will find online PURE household and body products that you will be able to refill in bulk afterwards when you will come to the store. You will also find Armony antimicrobial products,  Savonnerie du Village soaps and bar shampoo, Moss Creek Wook Works dryer woolen balls, Ola Bamboo items, Olive & Bay soap bars as well oNature home fragrance.

To call Friperie Communautaire Huntingdon

Huntingdon Farmer's Market

The Huntingdon County Farmer’s Market held a Christmas Market on December 6th, 2020 at the Ormstown Recreation Centre in a brand-new, COVID-proof format: preorders.

The Market’s facebook page allowed people to easily find exhibitors to place orders directly while the Rec Centre served as a central, secure, contactless pick-up point on December 6, 2020, from 10 am to 3 pm.d

To call Huntingdon Fresh Market Via Messenger ou sur le formulaire de leur site web.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Beauharnois Valleyfield Haut Saint Laurent

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry Beauharnois Valleyfield Haut Saint Laurent shares local business owners' concerns with political bodies.


To call your Chamber of Commerce 1-450-373-8789


CEDEC is a trusted leader of innovative collaboration among the public, private and civil society sectors. CEDEC helps communities achieve lasting economic success with a collaborative hub model that drives innovation, labour force development and investment. You can communicate with CEDEC by phone or by email info@cedec.ca.

Offices are closed between July 26th and August 3rd inclusive

To call CEDEC 1-888-641-9912

Pole d'Economie sociale du Haut-Saint-Laurent

The Pôle d'Économie sociale's mission it to promote social economy and its organizations. In order to put in place the best conditions for social economy to be created, to grow and consolidate, the Pole offers information to social economy leaders over the phone or by videoconference, making sure that the initiative is known to the MRC Haut-Saint-Laurent's economic development officer by explaining what is social economy an its impacts on the community. You can communicate with the Pole d'Economie sociale de la Vallee-du-Haut-Saint-Laurent by phone or by email info@economiesocialevhsl.org.

To call the Pole 450-374-2402



They specialize in defending the rights of the unemployed and answer your questions. Actually, you can also call the organization if you plan on leaving your job to get advise. They usually return their calls within 24 hours. If you are not at ease with Internet, they can help you out from a distance or even come to you with a laptop to show you how to fill the forms online and that, within 48 hours with no charge. If you experience a problematic with Assurance Emploi that requires immediate assistance, leave a message with your concerns and someone will call you back. You may also find updates on their Facebook Page. It is open from Monday to Thursday, from 8AM to 4PM.

To call the Comité de Chômage 1-450-357-1162
To call Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Huntingdon 1-450-264-5858
Reopening for appointments
To call PS Jeunesse 1-450-377-9155
To call CRESO 1-450-377-4889
To call Vision Travail 1-450-651-8747
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