What is a CDC?

A Community Development Corporation is a group of community organizations working in a diversity of fields. Its mission is to ensure the active participation of the ground up and community movements in the socio-economic development of our community.

Simply put, a CDC is to independent community organizations what a chamber of commerce is to private businesses and industries. A CDC also acts as a spokesperson for the community on issues important to the area or region.

In Québec, there are more than 60 community development corporations. They bring together over 2,500 community-based organizations working across different sectors, such as health and social services, education, family, employability, literacy, advocacy, housing, culture, the environment and immigration.

The CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent has been in existence since 1997. It is a proud member of the National Table of Community Development Corporations (TNCDC) and is funded by the Secrétariat à l'action communautaire autonome du Québec (SACAIS).


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