The mission of the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is to ensure the active participation of the ground up and community movements in the socio-economic development of our community. In order to achieve this, several objectives have been set.

  • Promote community development, interests, concerns and contributions made by community development groups;

  • Involve citizens in finding solutions to issues as they arise in the community;

  • Raise awareness within the population to improve individual quality of life through all appropriate means;

  • Unite community organizations concerned about declining quality of life and local development.

The concept of development supported by the CDC involves the transformation of structures and systems leading to an improved quality of life for all individuals living within the Haut-Saint-Laurent territory. The CDC advocates a holistic vision of development that simultaneously takes into account the economic, political, social, cultural and ecological context in which people live.



The values advanced by a community development corporation include social justice, autonomy, democracy, equity, human dignity, caring and solidarity.


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