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ONLINE CONFERENCE IN ENGLISH The Maternity clinic, Pediatric services, Neonatalogy, Gynecology, Designated Reference Center for Investigation (Mammography), Nuclear medecine, Ophtalmology, Eye Surgery, Audiology and the audiometric booth are services that are planned to leave Salaberry-de-Valleyfield's hospital to the benefit of the new hospital that is going to be built in Vaudreuil. It's been a year since we've launched a petition that collected more than 7000 signatures, which represents about 10% of our population. Come to learn about the quest's key milestones and where it's going.

CDC Haut-Saint-Laurent's, your local Community Development Corporation which objective is to unite community organizations concerned about declining quality of life and local development, among others, was involved in the committee that raised awareness to save our local hospital, the Hopital du Suroit in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. 

Where is our quest to save the Hopital du Suroit?

Beyond labor shortage that is everywhere in the health sector through all regions in the province of Quebec, the situation is particularly dramatic when it comes to Beauharnois-Salaberry and Haut-Saint-Laurent. The plan to close out 10 services at the hospital in Valleyfield to the benefit of the upcoming hospital in Vaudreuil is still threatening our people's access to health care services.

Where are we at in our quest to preserve our hospital regional mission and what armuments justify such fuss?

Reps from the Sauvons le Centre mère-enfant et la mission régionale de l’Hôpital du Suroît committee will be able to update you on information about the issue. 

A meeting "in person" will also be held in French at the Centre culturel barberivain (Ste. Barbe Cultural Center) on the 18th of November. 

Novembre 16th, 2021 12:00 PM jusqu'à  1:00 PM