Five times a year, the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent produces l’Express du communautaire, a newsletter documenting information from within the community network across the region. It includes news, events, workshop and training sessions, job offers, classifieds and more. In many ways, it is the newspaper for the community sector.

Each of our members is entitled to a half page free of charge per issue, however it is also possible to publish information without being a member, for a fee.

To have an item included in an upcoming issue, contact the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent at 450-264-9042, or by email at

It is possible to view previous editions of the Express du communautaire by consulting our archives.

Every week, a diversity of information from our members and partners is sent to our email list. This service offers a quick and easy way to reach a large network of contacts directly and effectively.

For more information, contact the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent at 450-264-9042, or by email at

The CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent allows its members as well as any interested individuals to expand on a subject over workshop-breakfasts organized throughout the course of the year. Workshop themes are determined according to the needs of all members and can be customized.

Here are the workshops to come:

Members of the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent are able to benefit from an interesting advantage in terms of social networks in that they have access to a Facebook group that transmits relevant information on a variety of topics.

The CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent also offers support for anyone wishing to publish an article or event on the website. This is a community news site written by and for citizens.

The CDC offers various consultation and support services within the framework of managing a community organization. Whether in relation to democratic governance, support for your board of directors or management, the coordination of the CDC is able to offer free support to its members.

The CDC has also developed an agreement with a fundraising expert who can serve as a consultant for your organization. For more information, visit his website at

Preferential rates for members are available for consultation with regard to funding.

The CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent is a partner in a project to support organizations in their efforts in this regard. An expert on this matter is part of the team and is able to offer support in this area.

To learn more:

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