COVID-19: Services offered by NPOs in Haut-Saint-Laurent

COVID-19: Services offered by non profit organisms in Haut-Saint-Laurent


Justice Alternative du Suroît

Civil mediation is offered for free by phone or by email to anyone needing help to manage conflicts properly in order to lessen the escalation of violence. Professionals and volunteers are available to offer an attentive ear, advise and tricks as well as refere to the appropriate service may need be. You are invited to leave a message so they can call you back as soon as possible.

To call Justice Alternative du Suroît 1-450-377-1333

Via l'Anse

For people at risk of violence, help can be provided to weather the storm by telephone or video-conference.

To call Via L'Anse 1-450-370-3200

Residence-Elle du Haut-Saint-Laurent

For victims of domestic violence, because it is not forbidden to leave when the threat is at home. The organization offers support over the phone and video-conference; and can help you to protect yourself.

To call Résidence-Elle 1-450-264-2999

Une Affaire de famille

Une Affaire de famille usually offer all kinds of activities to support families in Ormstown. During pandemic crisis, they provide support for all kinds of needs and coaching for tensed situations at home, between lovers or with children. 

To call Une Affaire de Famille 1-450-829-3782


ADDS offer support to low income families and individuals in the Haut-Saint-Laurent, and provides for now their help over the phone so you can discuss your problems or issues and find solutions and answers.

To call ADDS 1-450-264-6888

Les Habitations des Tisserandes

During pandemic, the NPO keeps on providing social housing to people in the middle of a crisis so you can stabilise your situation and improve your life condition.

To call les Habitations des Tisserandes 1-450-957-8557


Ancre et Ailes

For people struggling with past or actual psychic illness or emotional distress, Ancre et Ailes offers occasions to benefit from mutual aid and counter social isolation. Nowadays, they keep in touch through individual courtesy calls on the phone, by Messenger or text messages. It also regularly provide Facebook videos and actually work on online workshops.

To call Ancre et Ailes 1-450-829-3491

Le Pont du Suroît

Supports the friends and family of people with mental illness, by telephone or videoconference.

To call le Pont du Suroît 1-450-377-3126


Le Tournant

Crisis intervention for people with suicidal thoughts.

To call Le Tournant 1-450-371-4090



For victims of sexual abuse, there is always a help line. The organization can also be contacted by email or Messenger.

To call CALACS La Vigie 1-450-371-4222


La Bouffe Additionnelle

Food service in the form of a 2$ grocery bag or a 3$ take-out meal in Huntingdon. La Bouffe Additionnelle has maintained the Nutri-Rapide meal service for people during this pandemic. If you are experiencing difficulties due to the closure of your job/daycare/school, whether you have children at home, you are elderly or at risk, or you work in one of the essential sectors, you can benefit from this service. Meals are available at $3.00 per serving. Purchases will be made by appointment only. Please call ahead to make an appointment and place your order.

Pour appeler La Bouffe Additionnelle 1-450-264-2241

Multi-service community centre Un Coin Chez Nous

Meals-on-wheels services for people of all ages with a loss of autonomy, or families and underprivileged people in St-Chysostome.

To call Multi-service community centre Un Coin Chez Nous 1-450-826-4425

Moisson Sud-Ouest

As a food bank, Moisson Sud-Ouest provides the link between the providers and the community organizations that help people in situations of food insecurity. It organizes different fundraising activities right now as needs have more than doubled since COVID-19 crisis and call on everyone to donate money through their website, and on all restaurants with overstock for food donations.

To call Moisson Sud-Ouest 1-450-377-7696


Le Centre de Ressources Familiales

The Centre de Ressources Familiales has created a group to maintain links with the families who attend the CRF. The group is a means of communication for the coming weeks, a place for information, exchange, sharing and many surprises to come! To join the group, click on the "visit the group" button located at the top of the Facebook page.

To call Centre de Ressources Familiales 1-450-264-4598

Entraide pour Monoparentales et Familles Recomposées du Suroît

Support single parents through break up, reconstitution or suffering from anxiety by phone. First contact them by email and they will call you back as soon as possible.

To call l'Entraide pour Monoparentales et Familles Recomposées du Suroît 1-450-373-4047

La Ferme d'André / André's Farm

This non profit organization is presently looking for a way to provide half days for one family at the time to allow for respit. Only offices are opened for administrative purposes and you may contact them to voice your interest and make suggestions.

To call la Ferme d'André 1-450-829-2940

La Maison des Jeunes de Huntingdon

All kinds of activities are organized online by la Maison des Jeunes. You can join them by Messenger on their Facebook page

To call la Maison des Jeunes Huntingdon 1-450-322-6140

Espace Suroît

This organisation's mission is to advise and refer adults aware by a kid's confidence who need to be oriented to face a violence issue in case of doubts. You can find right now a series of Facebook videos on web security for kids. Espace Suroît keeps informing through their vivid Facebook Page.

To call Espace Suroît 1-450-371-8096

Proches Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent

During the pandemic, services offered to care givers are psychosocial support over the phone or by zoom videoconference, frienship calls and monthly support groups through zoom. To reach one of our professionals call and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

To call la Maison des Jeunes Huntingdon 1-450-826-1243

Communic-Action Project

This organism takes care of our elders in loss of autonomy at home. You may leave a message and they will call you back as soon as they can. On demand, they can also do courtesy calls to elders.

To call Communic-Action Project 1-450-264-5197

Melissa's Sunshine Daycamp

Melissa's Sunshine Camp is working structuring their summer camp to offer respit for people 21 years old and plus with intellectual or physical disabilities. Registration are now opened.

To call Melissa's Sunshine Camp 1-450-264-6340

Le Zephyr

To people with intellectual disabilities or ASD, Zephyr offers to do deliveries and go grocery shopping and offer sensory material brand new in donation. Send an email for more information :

To call Répit Le Zéphyr 1-450-371-6825


Les Ateliers Cré-Actions du Suroît

Currently sewing 3-ply masks for men, women and kids: 1-ply polyester et 2-ply cotton for 8 $+delivery. You can order yours online:

To call les Ateliers Cré-Actions du Suroît 1-450-374-5821

Huntingdon Fresh Market

Currently working on their season to be opened safely, The Huntingdon Fresh Market offers visibility on their Facebook page for local Haut-Saint-Laurent producers so they can sell their fresh products online.

To call Huntingdon Fresh Market Via Messenger ou sur le formulaire de leur site web.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Beauharnois Valleyfield Haut Saint Laurent

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Beauharnois Valleyfield Haut Saint Laurent share local business owners' concerns with political bodies and put in place a crisis management unit. They also collated a document gathering programs for business owners and their staff to cope with the COVID-19 situation.

To call your Chamber of Commerce 1-450-373-8789


A volunteer-driven organization, CEDEC sparks economic innovation in building forward-looking, prosperous and confident communities by supporting business owners from a distance.  You can communicate with CEDEC by phone or by email

To call CEDEC 1-888-641-9912



You can get help to fill the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) here. They specialize in defending the rights of the unemployed and answer your questions. Leave a message with your concerns and someone will call you back. You may also find updates on their Facebook Page.

To call the Comité de Chômage 1-450-357-1162
To call Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Huntingdon 1-450-264-5858
To call PS Jeunesse 1-450-377-9155
To call CRESO 1-450-377-4889
To call Vision Travail 1-450-651-8747
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